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ABELE 1757 Sourire de Reims Brut 2009


The jewel of the Maison Henri Abelé. For Sourire de Reims Champagne, Maison Abelé 1757 selects the finest Cru Chardonnay and Pinot Noir parcels from the Cote des Blancs and Montagne de Reims. Only wines from exceptional years are deemed worthy of inclusion in the blend.

During extending ageing in the centuries-old cellars, Sourire de Reims develops mature aromas and an extensive palette of flavours. Further to many years maturing, this exceptional Champagne rests a further 6-12 months after disgorging.

A compelling and intense tasting experience, Sourire de Reims 2009 Vintage, with its complex, flavoursome character, will enhance any drinking occasion: whetting the appetite as an aperitif or flattering fine food and making a heavenly match to exquisitely prepared dishes.

It is the perfect Champagne for people who love wines with complexity.


In 1986, the Cellar Master unveiled an exquisitely shaped bottle. Its handling reveals a perfect balance that resonates like the golden ratio. Its design, elegant and refined, holds a mystery: the Sourire de Reims cuvée, a unique and singular expression of the finest terroirs of Champagne.

A founding preference for the House which conceived this cuvée in defiance of the passing of time. Created in limited quantities, it is part of the tradition of very great Champagne wines.


Imagining a champagne is above all an art: that of collating the terroirs. Faithful to the visioin of its founders, Abele 1757 selects sites with the most promising aromatic potential. From the Cote des Blancs to the Montagne de Reims or the highly prized Coteaux des Riceys, the House has a multitude of plots and crus to draw inspiration from. A unique aromatic pallette that is reinvented and assembled after each harvest to perfect the wines. To guarantee a constant supply of very high quality, Abele 1757 has forged close links with a small circle of passionate vine-growers. Lovers of their land, these craftsmen have long practised viticulture respectful of nature on plots sometimes as small as gardens.


92 points IWSC 

Abele 1757 Sourire de Reims Brut 2009

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