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Organic Wine

Welcome to Wine Woman Whisky Whisperer, your direct source for unique, exclusive, and quality wines and spirits imported to Australia.

We specialize in offering organic, biodynamic, and eco-friendly wines from sustainable, family-owned wineries in Europe and Australian producers who align with our values.


We also provide private label wines to the wholesale market and work with strong affiliated partnerships beyond our online portfolio. Additionally, we offer a selection of global spirits to the wholesale industry. In addition, we offer a range of wine innovative wine experiences, check out our bookings page and explore all our services!


Our family business has decades of experience, and we are committed to promoting environmental sustainability with every glass. Don't let our quirky name fool you - we take our booze seriously.

Saving the planet, one glass at a time!

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Di Giovanna Winery

Olive Oil, Wines, Merino Wine Festival 2022

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Family Business, the Knights Team

Learn more about our management team, our ethos and company.

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Organic Wine

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'Strange Name,
Serious Booze"


Last night I opened one of the wines I bought from a store the Appasimento, had a little glass with a roast lamb. It was beyond perfect. It surprised and impressed my partner and my friend also. I’ll definitely be buying again.


I've had the pleasure of working with Nikki for well over a decade as a large retail buyer for wholesale wine and spirits. She knows and understands pricing and positioning, customer support and the liquor industry.


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