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Direct Importer of Unique, Quality & Exclusive Wines to Australasia and Japan.
We specialise in supporting eco friendly, family owned sustainable vineyards from Europe to the wholesale liquor markets.


Who is Wine Woman Whisky Whisperer?

A family business with experience.
We sell Wine & Whisper deals on Whisky!

''Strange name, Serious booze"

A small innovative family company that offers on trend, simple and unique collection of European wines to several international markets. 

We work with niche sustainable, ethical & eco friendly vineyards that care for the environment & communities. Specializing in organic, vegan & bio dynamic wines that punch above their weight for price and presentation. 


The Wine Woman family sales duo, understand the wholesale beverage industry, and have over 40+ years experience in the wine and alcohol distribution industry. Nikki & Craig Knights Purposely positioned, Wine Woman 'WW' to offer a small niche wine supply & service that have a market demand for quality, trend of blends & price point after years of experience in the wholesale wine & distribution industry. We have three elements to our business, customized venue wine supply, wholesale supply & distribution, and direct wine importation.


Wine Woman Whisky Whisperer Pty Ltd, is also a sister company to Japanese Quality Whisky Society, & often work together in collaboration in sales and logistics.

Wine + Whisky = Passion. 

Nikki the Wine Woman sells wine, but also whisper's the rare offerings of quality Japanese whisky. A killer combination. Our motto and company vision is simple, we offer unique, affordable, quality & on trend products to the wholesale and consumer market.

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Check out our ranges of JQWS Whisky products, view our wine portfolio, or shop for wine now on the links below.

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Nikki Knights

Wine Woman Whisky Whisperer 'Strange name, Serious booze'.

The unique name is born from the synergy of 'Wine & Whisky'! The founder is Nikki Knights, and Wine & Whisky is her life. Nikki is also a Director of Japanese Quality Whisky Society. The beverage direction for both companies is simple. We specialize in on trend beverage services that present a unique selling proposition to suit the relative wholesale industry markets.   

We represent wine & spirits that punch above their weight for the price.

Our point of difference is clear. We work with sustainable, ethical & eco friendly vineyards & distilleries that care for the environment,  & local surrounding communities. 

Check out our ranges of JQWS Whisky products on the below link, or contact us today for more information.

  Wine + Whisky = Passion

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