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Qoin Instructions

  • 50% Qoin changes. Due to overwhelming response, we've had to move to 50% Qoin. 

  • Shipping (if applicable) will be added to checkout, collection FOC available.

  • Process purchase as per normal on checkout " add Qoin50% coupon to the checkout cart page;

  • This will give you 50% off your order- pay via Credit Card the remaining 50%.

  • Check email inbox or spam for order confirmation & total amount

  • Open QOIN App use scan QRCode on this site to process the remaining 50% payment OR copy and paste the wallet ID address 

  • 0x64CB25249D283D462652FEfF757A2BE843D5644B

  • This is fully automated we have all your details, alerts us of your checkout! - In 24h we will pack and send your order.

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