V.5 Vasca Cinque

Rosato Di Nero d'Avola


The Sicilian grape NERO D’AVOLA grows in the high altitude, rocky mountains at Di Giovanna’s
Fiuminello vineyard, in the protected nature reserve of Monte Genuardo.

A flavorful yet fresh rosè with notes of rasberry, crushed strawberry and a distinctly mineral finish.

Produced in the Di Giovanna winery, in Sambuca di Sicilia, and packaged directly from Tank 5 (Vasca Cinque)

This is the same juice as the Gerbino Rosato range for a fraction of the price!


100% Organic
Bio Dynamic
Eco Friendly
Keeps fresh months after opening!!
20 STD drinks per carton- $12 per bottle
No ullage/wastage, min storage required


V.5 Rosato Di Nero d'Avola

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