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Nikki Knights is the founder and director of Wine Woman Whisky Whisperer, a business that combines her two passions: wine and whisky. With over 16 years of experience in the wholesale liquor industry, Nikki has a deep understanding of niche liquor products that are currently trending and specializes in new-to-market brand launches.


Wine Woman Whisky Whisperer acts as a direct importer and agent with suppliers to field source and supply wine and whisky. The company also offers a range of hospitality services, including staff training, private tastings, and exclusive degustation events.

Initially known as the Whisky Whisperer, Nikki co-founded the Japanese Quality Whisky Society in 2019, grew sales and distribution into a multi-million dollar enterprise in three years, and launched new-to-market products from Shinobu Distillery and other key brands to the national supply chain market. In late 2022, Nikki formed Minleki Spirits Traders with the Minle Group to act as a source-to-supply agency in the Spirits wholesale industry field, both in Australia and internationally. Some exclusive contracts include Masahiro and Wolfburn Distillery to name a few.


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Nikki works with her father, Craig Knights, who has over 35 years of experience in the wholesale liquor industry. Wine Woman WW offers a unique collection of eco-friendly, sustainable wines to Australia and various international markets, as well as private label wines for entry and mid-tier placements from reputable Australian and European vineyards.

The company has established affiliated partnerships with Fisher Fine Wines and premium family Australian and European producers. These partnerships allow Wine Woman Whisky Whisperer to offer a wide range of options beyond what is currently available on the website and portfolio as private label brands.

The company's motto and vision are simple: to work with sustainable, ethical family companies that produce unique, affordable, quality liquor while delivering on-trend premium products to the wholesale and consumer market.

Making Wine

Meet The Mangement Team


Craig Knights
Chief of Wine 
Decider & Wine Trainer

Meet Craig. The Father and wine mentor of Wine Woman. Director and Wine Legend with close to 4 decades of wine experience. Craig makes the final call on the portfolio selections suited for our market and saleability.

A wealth of wine knowledge, Craig will host degustation and is the keynote wine trainer in collaboration with events, key corporate groups and hospitality sectors.


The retail liquor industry is Craigs specialty. 'I've seen a lot of trends come and go, and understand what the retailer and consumer require as far as positioning, product and trends'.


Craig's worked for the likes of Pernod Ricard, Red + White for decades, and comes with a wealth of knowledge and an exceptional palette to boot!

'Organic, eco-friendly with ethical sustainable practices are here to stay, in a big way! I can only get behind wine's that I like to drink, and our portfolio is interesting, unique and has lots of character! Salute!'


Nikki Knights
Wine Woman  
Whisky Whisperer


With over 16 years of experience in the wine industry, I have a passion for wine and whisky, which is why I named my company Wine Woman Whisky Whisperer. I started in the wine industry at the age of 19 and gradually progressed from wine promotions and tastings to cellar door manager, where I learned about the mechanics of vine to wine. At the age of 25, I landed a position in the wholesale wine industry and managed key sales for companies such as Origin Wines and Vintage House Wine + Spirits.

In 2018, I co-founded the Japanese Quality Whisky Society (JQWS) and launched the company in January 2019. Under my leadership, JQWS became a nationwide distributor for large retail chains like Dan Murphys, Coles Liquor, and Costco, growing into a multi-million dollar enterprise. Today, I am proud to be a stakeholder and Director of MinleKi Spirit Traders, which offers premium spirits from around the world and collaborates with international partners.

As a collaborator, I bring together key market partnerships nationally and manage key operations and brand creations for Wine Woman both internationally and domestically. I am a global agent for key brands in wine and spirits and specialize in new-to-market products. My passion lies in offering niche, unique, and premium products to the national wholesale liquor markets while unifying key supplier and customer relationships.

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Lisa Moricz
Chief of Corporate Relations

Lisa's mission for many years has been to deliver business/leadership/ customer service coaching to those looking for transformation, achievement and success outside the traditional corporate programs.As an entrepreneur, leader, mentor, mum and fierce foodie, her #1 most is, the love of great wine. Still a Director of Umana Group that offers consulting services to corporate businesses and hospitality groups alike.

For years Lisa has worked with clients in the hospitality/event space delivering programs to secure their spot in luxury space & deliver customer service excellence to their clients. Working with over 60 luxury bars & restaurants over the past 12 years has given Lisa exposure to the most fabulous food and wine events globally.

This will market the wineries to key target markets, whilst creating synergy partnerships to benefit all brands, sales and the customer alike.

In addition to corporate partnerships, Lisa will be creating events, heading up a Cellar door, creating private tastings to key markets, hospitality training to off and on premise venues and organic national trade shows.

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Martina Chelini
Operations Manager

Meet Martina. This exceptional young Lady brings a wealth of
experience of operations to the table.

Martina articulates and is passionate for leading a
transformational vision with the use of digital technologies to drive humanisation, brand awareness and engagement across online and physical audiences.

She has demonstrated abilities in human behaviour including years of study in Bachelor of Psychological Sciences. Expertise in forming and managing lucrative relationships that foster longevity and commercial growth. Martina encourages and practices an internal value-based culture of accountability and lifelong learning that in turn provides value to individuals, companies and the community.

A strategic partner in business and/ or adviser to a wide range of companies for the last 12+ years.


CEO executive assistant with  years of experience in operational management.

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