Why & Who is Wine Woman 

 Whisky  Whisperer?


Nikki Knights is the director & founder of Wine Woman Whisky Whisperer, as well as a Director of Japanese Quality Whisky Society. The strange name is a collaborations between her two passions, Wine & Whisky.


Known in the industry as the Whisky Whisperer, Wine Woman easily took effect from her experience in the Wine industry. A play on passions on social media ' Wine + Whisky = Passion', easily formed and shaped the name and entity, Wine Woman Whisky Whisperer! Make's perfect sense now right!?

Nikki, has been involved in the wholesale liquor industry for approximately 16 years, and has a vast understanding on key pricing structure, on trend, niche liquor products and sales and distribution.

A small innovative company that offers on trend, simple and unique collection of European wines to several international markets.

In addition to being direct importers to a small niche European portfolio, Wine Woman WW, also specializes in a range of private label entry level Australian wines for the wholesale off and on premise market. Having solid industry connections to quality bulk premium and affordable wine, opened up doors to offer extensive customized wines offerings to large retail and on-premise venues.

The European import portfolio offers market trend positioning and affordable key volume price points.  


Purposely positioned, Wine Woman 'WW' offer a small niche wine supply & service that have a market demand for quality, trend of blends & price point. We have three elements to our business, customized venue wine supply, wholesale supply & distribution, and direct wine importation.


Wine Woman Whisky Whisperer Pty Ltd, is a sister company to Japanese Quality Whisky Society, & often work together in collaboration in sales and logistics.

Wine + Whisky = Passion. 

Woman who sell wine, we also whisper the rare offerings of whisky. A killer combination. Our motto and company vision is simple, we offer unique, affordable, quality & on trend products to the wholesale and consumer market.

Japanese Quality Whisky Society 'JQWS' imports & distributes rare, unique & quality Whisky's to the Australasian market, and works hand in hand to support importation & logistic management, along with offering Wine + Whisky to our customers.

Wine Woman Whisky Whisperer clever in name, serious booze.

                                      Wine + Whisky = Passion

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