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V.21 Vasca Ventuno Grillo 2021 and 2020 Grillo Chardonnay 2020 will be sent unless specifiied


The Sicilian grape GRILLO has a long history in western Sicily. It products unique results on the volcanic, limestone rich, high altitude vineyards at the Di Giovanna family estate in Contessa Entellina.

An aromatic and fresh expression of Grillo with distinct minerality and notes of wild flowers, herbs, citrus and tropical fruits.

Produced in the Di Giovanna winery, in Sambuca di Sicilia, and packaged directly from Tank 21 (Vasca Ventuno).


This is the same juice as the Gerbino Bianco range for a fraction of the price!


100% Organic
Bio Dynamic
Eco Friendly
Keeps fresh months after opening!!
20 STD drinks per carton- $12 per bottle
No ullage/wastage, min storage required


V.21 Vasca Ventuno Grillo Bianco

    • We have 100% satisfaction guarantee! Just provide a valid reason &/or we'll offer a full refund upon return. Rest assured you can buy with confidence.
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