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A young personality, bold freshness, and convivial character: The Barbera Casaret is distinguished by its versatility and drinkability. Perfect for every course of the meal, it also drinks well served at lower temperatures.


The Casaret has a notable freshness that comes from its aging, which takes place entirely in stainless steel and then in tanks for a few months. Easy to drink with a full meal, but also perfect with appetizers, this wine can even be drunk at a relatively low temperature for reds, around 13-15° C (55-59° F).


Crushing-destemming is followed by spontaneous alcoholic fermentation using indigenous yeasts. It is left in contact with the skins in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature before dry racking and cold decantation, with transfer to stainless steel tanks. It is stabilized with cold temperatures in order to avoid the use of clarifying products at the end of the process. Stainless steel filter housing with 0.45 micron cartridges.


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