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Domaine de Dionysos

Cotes Du Rhone, France.

This is a story which started during the Plague of Marseille in 1720. The Farjon’s family fled the city during this epidemic and set themselves up in the hills of Uchaux. This little colony very rapidly became a hamlet which is still called today Uchaux les Farjon.


The Farjon’s family has been growing vines since 7 generations.


In 1974, Robert Farjon gave the name “Dionysos” to the Domaine as a tribute to the greek God of wine, and vines.

In 1980, his son, André Farjon, joined the Domaine and spent about 30 years working on its development. André brought several evolutions to the Domaine de Dionysos.

Benjamin, André’s son, took over after he had his oenologist diploma. He works with the collaboration of Michel Berger, his brother in law. They joined the Domaine between 2011 and 2012. Organic Wines.

BLEND: mainly Grenache, Syrah
VINIFICATION: traditional; temperature
controlled; pumping over; long maceration
CONSERVATION: this wine starts to drink
well after a year, but will benefit from being
cellared for several years to enhance its
typical characteristics

APPELLATION: Côtes du Rhône
Village Caironne
SURFACE: 35 ha
SOIL: Red clays with pudding stones

CERTIFICATION: Bio-Dynamic, Eco & Organic

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