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Quattro Passi 2017

Region: VENETO Appellation: IGT ROSSO

Soils: Volcanic marine fossils & limestone.

Style: Amarone wine style.

Blend: 35% Corvina,  35%  Rondinella,  15% Merlot, 15%  Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cellar for: 3 to 5 years

Tasting note: This wine is smooth, pleasantly spicy and has a full bodied structure with a long fasting finish. The grapes are air dried for 90 sun drenched days before the bottling process takes place. Quattro Passi has a deep red colour with intense fruity notes. This wine is soft, pleasantly spicy, and associated with a lovely roundness and a balanced persistence. Perfect with red meats, duck, aged cheeses and spicy dishes.


The ideal is to pour it into the decanter before serving it at 18 ° C​.


Awards: Gold 2015 Japan Wine Challenge,  Concurs Mondall 2017 Gold, Challenge Du Vin Gold, NY Wine Competition 2017 Gold, CWSA Silver, Vin Fed 2017 Silver + + +

ABV 14% - 750ml

Appassimento Quattro Passi 2020 & 2021

  • Appassimento is the process of natural partial dehydration of grapes to produce a greater concentration of colours, aromas and flavours in the wine. Since partially dried grapes also have a higher concentration of sugars, this system is often used to make sweet or very concentrated wines.  In the Veneto, where the technique dates back to the times of the Ancient Romans, grape drying is also regularly used for the production of dry wines, leaving them full-bodied, complex and relatively high in alcohol. Entirely made from grapes left to dry for a long period of time, Amarone is the supreme expression of the genre, while Recioto is its traditional sweet counterpart. Grapes are picked a bit later to ensure ripeness – usually in mid-October. Then, they are left all winter to dry into raisins. Amarone grapes (Corvina, Molinara and Rondinella) take a long time to dry out over winter. sourceDuring the roughly 120 days that this occurs, the grapes will lose 30-40% of their weight. The result is intense concentration and a very high sugar content, which in turn translates into 15% or higher alcohol levels. It also demands a premium price... But not our own Appassimento :)

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