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MASAHIRO Pure Malt Whisky is a new generation of Japanese pure malt whisky born from subtropical nature. Okinawa - the only prefecture in Japan within a subtropical region. With its beautiful nature and warm-hearted people, Okinawa has its own culture unlike anywhere else.


The art of distillation practiced here for 137 years, even harnesses the power of early maturation brought about by the climate. The amber drops await for their time to mature in carefully selected barrels. A new generation of Japanese pure malt whisky from the subtropical wilderness. A new generation of Japanese pure malt whisky.


It has a light amber body with a subtle sweet aroma. MASAHIRO Pure Malt Whisky has a certain sense of maturity typical of whisky, yet it is light and pleasant to drink.

Masahiro Pure Malt Whisky blends Pure Malt which are aged in Old Sherry butt and Bourbon casks for more than three years. And then aged in Jack Daniel’s first fill bourbon barrel for at least half a year.



Aromas of citrus, pineapple, banana, and other tropical fruit, with a mellow sweet vanilla ice cream flavor. Sweet and Balanced.


A light body and a delicate malt, with a hint of ginger juice and white woody flavor.


A short finish of mellow sweetness followed by a lingering spicy taste.


BRONZE : World Whiskies Awards, 2022

GOLD : San Francisco World Spirits
Competition, 2021


ABV - 43% - 700ML

Masahiro Pure Malt

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