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100% Chardonnay lends this champagne its unmistakable vivacity and an incredibly fresh profile. For three years, the Blanc de Blancs matures in the centuries-old cellars of the champagne house, protected from natural light and held at a stable temperature. This results in a well-balanced, sophisticated champagne that ranges from aromas of ripe apples to a mineral texture. A great pleasure to drink and perfect as an apéritif.


The story of a sleeping beauty 1757...Foundation of the fifth oldest Champagne House by Theodore Vanderveken, Henri Alele's great-great-grandfather. Antoine de Muller, Henri Abele's grandfather and Cellar Master of Maison Veuve Clicquor-Ponsardin, devised an ingenious process: drilling a kitchen table with angled holes in which to insert the bottles. The riddling table was invented, and this revolutionised the method of making champagne forever.


Imagining a champagne is above all an art: that of collating the terroirs. Faithful to the visioin of its founders, Abele 1757 selects sites with the most promising aromatic potential. From the Cote des Blancs to the Montagne de Reims or the highly prized Coteaux des Riceys, the House has a multitude of plots and crus to draw inspiration from. A unique aromatic pallette that is reinvented and assembled after each harvest to perfect the wines. To guarantee a constant supply of very high quality, Abele 1757 has forged close links with a small circle of passionate vine-growers. Lovers of their land, these craftsmen have long practised viticulture respectful of nature on plots sometimes as small as gardens.

Abele 1757 Blanc de Blancs NV

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