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The wine quality was set up by having a good wet season in 2017 which meant healthy vines. These very good winter rains set up conditions for initial canopy growth and the dry spring kept the vigour in check and early season disease at bay. Our summer and early autumn were unusually dry, in fact here was as little as 10mm of rain from 1st of January through to picking in the middle of March. Favourable summer ripening weather with daytime temperatures in the high twenties, with cool nights, led to fruit in great condition at picking. Early indications suggest the wines are very good from this vintage across the board.

The 2018 Cloudy but Fine Primitivo was born a dry red table wine that underwent further maturation for 12 months in French oak under a Flor yeast, the same yeast strain used for sherry production. Here the Flor surface yeast quickly established a healthy cover or veil over the wine imparting subtle Flor characters evident in the wine today.

The delicious flavours of a combination of dark berry fruitiness and gentle nuttiness reminiscent of frangipane, Cherry Danish and blueberry strudel.

Black cherry pie, savoury yet perfumed Kalamata olives and wild black berries envelop the palate. There are hints of milk chocolate wrapped almonds and the herbal notes of bouquet garni dominated by fragrant bay leaves.

2020 Cloudy But Fine Primitivo Under Flor

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